Prosper Of Desire
Published a year ago
In development
Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows
this Game is set around fictional but inspired 8th century Arabia , Yet the entire focuse of the project is on the Gamplay Fluidity over the story which is still yet to finish , with a responsive controls and complex yet flexable combat system , roaming on foot or horse , and lead pack of warriors at battles.
there is alot about this game is not yet shared , such as the roaming Mechanics , Loot , Healing , time management , party management and Character customization.
i did not nor i wish to add any RPG progression elements such as leveling up and perk systems , because the the entire game relays on player skill.
the target audience for my game are the Fighting games fans , there is other elements which may attract the souls-like fans , but i know that it's sub genre of an RGP which my game on it's core is not.
i don't think that my game is ready for my audience but i really think fellow developers feedback is very appreciated and in fact wanted.
the game almost supports any languages as it's open to edit in Text file at the game build path.
all the videos above were shared at my thread at WIP unity community before i start using connect at 15-5-2018. in future i will try to keep all the updates of the work here godwilling.
ali nagori
Sol Game Developer - Other
Game Languages
Arabic; English; Japanese; Portuguese, Brazil; Persian (Farsi); Russian; Turkish; Polish; Italian; Hungarian; Hindi; French; German; Finnish; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows