ProMiner Training Simulator
Allows operators to train on just about every aspect of the loader's operation. The simulator covers everything from equipment controls familiarization, to full machine operation training, to specific underground mining spatial relations challenges.
The Joy 18HD is an 18-metric ton, diesel and electric drive based, LHD (Load Haul Dump) underground mining loader. Compared with other models in its class, the Joy 18HD offers faster acceleration, lower fuel consumption, lower heat rejection and best-in-class "breakout and impull" — all of which contribute to the lowest total operating costs of any LHD in its class. In order to guarantee that vehicle operators are able to take full advantage of the 18HD, Komatsu Mining (formerly known as Joy Global) partnered with ForgeFX Training Simulations to develop a virtual industrial equipment training simulator that allows operators to train with a fully functional virtual version of the loader.