Project: Zombie Escape (Bachelor Thesis)
Bachelor Thesis. A VR Zombie survival game. Your goal is to collect 3 items in order to win. But beware, the way you are controlling the game is with a HMD (Oculus Rift DK1) and two Wii Motes. The Wii motes are attached to the side of your legs, and you are standing on a low frictional plate. You move by physically sliding your feet on the plate, and you move in the direction you are watching. To find the items you must look after crates that are dropped from sky from different planes. The planes are dropping down creates in the colors of Green, Blue and Red. Green gives you most health, but least change of getting an item, the Glue is a 50/50 and Red on greatest chance of getting an item, but least health. For each time you get an item, you need to physically to move faster, in order to move faster in the game. Use your muscle to get away from the zombie and find the items to win the game! My Role: Was being Game Designer, and did the A.I. For the zombie. The project was made i Unity 4.3.
Mads Hagemann nielsen
QA & Community Manager - QA
Programmer and Game Designer