Project XSYS
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Project XSYS is an untitled turn based rpg game that features true 3D grid based combat, hex crawling, and multi-character party adventuring.
Tactical Turn Based Combat
The combat system was built to satisfy the itch of tactical turn based enthusiasts. The core focus of this game is to allow for a true 3d experience. Characters can climb, fly, crawl, and jump over and under obstacles.
Character Party
The character creation system is extensive and is a multi-step process. Steps include selecting Class, Phenotype, Ability Scores, Interaction Skills, Combat Skills, Exploration Skills, Spells, Appearance, Personality, Backgrounds, etc. At the moment, the system allows you to create up to six robotic / cyborg characters.
Hex Crawling
World map hex crawling is a unique feature. It's up to the player to ensure his/her party is well prepared and provisioned for each journey. Like many 4X games, time controls allow the player to speed up, slow down, and pause the passage of time. As time passes, various events will occur such as combat encounters, interaction scenarios, inter-party personality conflicts, discoveries, etc.
The story has yet to be written.

Kevin G
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