Project XII
Published a year ago
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A persistent AR space shooter game built with spatial awareness technology. Defend your space, from any space.

Project XII: Spatially Aware Augmented Reality Space Shooter

At its core Project XII is an augmented reality space shooter in which players will defend against an increasing number of enemies within each wave of attack. Using spatial awareness we allow users to map a real world environment, build a level using the level builder and the publish this for others to play.

Spatial Shooting

We believe we have created a new take on how traditional space shooters implement their aiming and firing systems. Instead of a "point to shoot" system which can quickly become very dull during gameplay in AR, we have generated a spatial grid in which users can lock their target. Initially by specifying the horizontal axis, and then the vertical axis, users can identify where they wish to shoot with greater accuracy. It also forces users to move around more to experience and engage with the environments that have been created.

AR Persistence

Utilising technology from Placenote ( users can create a persistent gameplay level tied to a real world location for others to enjoy. In doing this we have enabled a fresh take on augmented reality gaming, allowing users to move around real world locations, interacting with the environment to attack incoming enemies from all directions. We wanted to allow users to generate their own levels at popular landmarks throughout the world, drawing people out of their homes and into a more social experience with others.

Apple's ARKit

The core technology for AR within Project XII is Apple's ARKit. We utilise their precise tracking technology to allow users to move around freely within their chosen environment, locking the gameplay content to their environment.

My Role

I have been the sole developer on this project, collaborating with a Project Manager, Creative Director and 3D Artists. From initial conception with the team at Heavy I have built all prototypes for the game through to its current state. Aside from a few VFX systems within the game I have been responsible for the entire implementation of the project, from art to audio to gameplay. It has been a great experience to work on this project from its initial conception to now, teaching me many valuable lessons along the way and introducing me to many new technologies.
Adam Goodchild
Unity Developer - Programmer
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