Project: Spirits
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Windows; Mac
The world is under construction. Fear not! The archangels are slowly.. working.. on it!
The world is a machine. The world is an organism. There is a creator. But, who really knows?
The story starts before Time, when the Archangels still discusses how Time should even flow. Despite that, the half-completed world still runs once in a while; a fresh cycle anytime a wondering soul comes visit.
Perhaps visiting the Archangels NOW, would help in understanding the agreement of the laws of nature, in Time. They're still around now because they've yet decided what roles they will take, and how they'll shape the Divine Order of this world. Once they've decided everything, they'll most often be behind the stage, and the only traces you'll see is the flow of change they leave behind in the shared reality.
Bito Ishmael
All-Rounder - Programmer
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Windows; Mac