Project Scoundrel
Published 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows
Project Scoundrel is an extraordinary collaborative game of adventure, where groups of adventurers brave ancient tunnels and cursed ruins for fame and fortune. It's filled with moments of grand plans, spectacular failure and, of course, daring glory brought on by unexpected circumstance.

The player plays a single adventurer with various options for backgrounds, races, and ideals. Each player character has their backstory, taken into account by the game. Not only do their actions shape their personality, abilities and the world around them, but also their chosen backgrounds alter the choices available and the challenges they face.
The basic unit of the game is a single adventure, a procedurally generated romp through a perilous dungeon, tailored for the current group, as a tabletop roleplaying session would be. The adventures contain elements specific to the player characters that utilise their skills and illuminate their personal background stories.
  • Traditional roleplaying game experience in a digital form where everyone has their own stories and agendas, creating emergent stories from social interaction.
  • All the adventures are procedurally generated based on the characters' choices and actions. No two stories are the same.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with sessions lasting under an hour.
  • Collaboration and cooperative problem-solving. The levels in the game demand players to work together to overcome obstacles.
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Mac; Windows