Project: Radical Bowling
Updated a year ago
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Windows; HTC Vive
A simple but fun bowling game for Virtual Reality. Developed with Unity and SteamVR.
Do you want to go bowling but don't want the hassle of leaving your VR room? Do you have oddly shaped feet but can't afford to buy your own bowling shoes? Are you environmentally conscious and can't justify throwing a giant ball of plastic around? Well, we have the game for you!
Radical Bowling is a bowling simulator that you can play in the comfort of your own home, without bowling shoes, and without the wasteful production of dense plastic balls. Download and experience the satisfaction of Radical Bowling today!
Joseph Simpson
Virtual Reality Developer - Owner
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive
Joseph Simpson
a year ago
Virtual Reality Developer
I'll be at the Columbus Ohio Virtual Reality meetup tonight and I'll have my prototype with me.