Project: Pie Forensics
Published 5 months ago
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My first VR project, where you are tasked with using you forensic skills to find out who killed the pie!
I started this project after only developing in VR for 1 week (I already had Unity experience). The first week was spent reverse engineering how the OVRGrabber system worked as I wanted to have a better understanding of how it all worked.
This was also an opportunity for me to try a project concept that I thought would be ideal for Virtual Reality - crime scene forensics.
I finished this within 1-2 weeks, and this allowed me to get some funding for the Coursera VR courser that I've completed, as well as an Oculus Rift so that I could continue to develop and experiment in VR in the hopes that this will become my main source of income.
Michael Duxbury
Self Taught Game Developer - Programmer
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