Project #MASSIVE
Projective Massive is an attempt to join Indians to promote Gandhi's thoughts towards cleanliness.
Users can scan the areas they cleaned near their surroundings and earn points.
These credits can be used to place a statue near their surroundings or contribute to an existing one to make the scale of the statue bigger. Players get more points if they team up with neighbours (to promote social collaboration for bigger tasks).
Cumulative height of Statues built all over the country will be used to make one single MASSIVE statue and this shows how well we contributed back to Gandhi's thoughts on cleanliness.
Lets see by 2019, Oct 2nd, how much massive in scale the statue goes! Buckle up for contribution to this legend!

Notes: * The cleaned areas while scanning calculates the distance through AR. * Statues are placed with the use of GPS location. * While scanning, we record a video and use it for evaluation. Evaluation can be done by volunteers for this project appointed by concerned body.

Update : Updated with new screenshots