Project Light-Foot
Updated 2 years ago
3D Prototype Model - Version 1.0
This is for capturing 'colours' or materials, that are around you, for use in 3D-modelling. Although there are only simple materials on these, they are a start to a new hardware application that will help to gather, at first, materials for use in Blender and Unity, but later, textures. The electronics are still under the design phase, but it with research and testing, this could prove useful for gathering the 'blends' that are around me.
The plan for this isn't to be revolutionary, or commercially supreme, but to give me, and possible external users, the chance to gather up the specific colours and patterns that are found around them.
Additional features will include a small screen in V2, but for now, a simple 'click and store' concept will be sufficient. Storage will be way of MicroSD, with the images only needing to be standard resolution with no fancy tweaks, it will only need a 2gb unit at any time.
This sketch shows the idea forming from a basic view. With time being an issue, I am still taking it steady with creation and true-prototyping.
As you might read, it was an idea in the beginning to use an Arduino base, but this is unlikely as the boards are not powerful enough to handle this with accurate linearity or process.
This is just an idea, I thought I would wack onto here as part of my research. Watch this space for any additoinal news or videos. All the images are my own and belong to me, personally. What are your thoughts, are there other devices like this, capturing the world around us? Oh how I like to doodle, it's top-doddle!

3D Prototype - Light-Foot - Version 2.0

As an addition to the above, this project has taken another step as more hours in Blender have paid-off.
The extra work has helped create this new version. You can see more detail in this; there is more to add, but the overall design is getting there. (I think, really, I am getting more pride in my 3D artwork, excellent!)
Still to add, are the grips down the sides and the re-charge-port. Once these are added, I will add another section to this article.
Until then, ooozles!
October '2018
Gavyn Rudd
Digital Environment Designer / Researcher - Designer