Project Lexicon
Updated 10 months ago
In development
Windows; Android
Multiplayer Language exchange game, with quick game modes that build up listening, translating and speaking skills. With crowd sourced localization allowing users to build up content for languages they want. You will pick your native language and the language you are learning and then choose a topic you wish to work on and you will be joined with someone learning your native language and is native to the language you are learning. There will be many mini games that will require a language exchange that will improve Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking and translation skills.
To test the concept for this I created one mini-game for Ludum Dare 41, it was a colour learning minigame where you had to defuse a bomb and the instructions were in the language you are learning.
Play it here:
Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android
kelvin nox
2 years ago
Great concept levi get inspired from your blogs and make my blog
Akshay Sinha
2 years ago
Java Developer
We love it.