Project Kelkka
A small (few weeks) student project that utilized random generation to build an infinite downhill of varying angle down. Player attempts to survive longer on the ride with various power ups and get as good score as possible before eventually running out of health points.
The infinite downhill gets filled with objects such as trees, bushes and pickups in various positions during the the play session. Player could pick up power boosts to be able to get through the bigger obstacles. If no power up was used every hit above certain velocity on impact on obstacles bigger than a small bush would reduce player health. Player would occasionally get events that would end their run on a hit. Scores are given by each successful run through an obstacle.
My role in this project was to participate designing the features, and then implement the mechanics with C#-scripts for Unity. Implementation phase also involved testing each implemented feature on the go until they worked well enough, or change/remove it if the idea didn't fly. I also made the simple GUI mechanics of the game, which included the game menus and a local high score board. Random generation was made by making prefab game objects that had game objects where things could appear to. There were rules in place that would prevent things like full walls of impassable objects. Also even if the map was infinite to the player, the actual hill never was more than 30 track pieces long, and the player would always be around the middle of it. The generator script would gradually recycle the older parts of the track array a third at the time.
Jarkko Kaunela