Project Infinity
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Windows; Android
Project Infinity is a third-person, overhead perspective Role Playing Game(RPG).
This is a Role-Playing Game(RPGs) In which player assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting.

Samurai Ethan: In this Game the Main protagonist "Ethan" who is a mysterious Character and belong to Samurai who won't leave Princess "Anna" alone and help him throughout his thrilling adventurous journey. He was tasked by the king to rescue his daughter.

Princess Anna: From the Childhood Anna doesn't meet her parents and raised
mostly by Ethan. Her life taught her very precious lessons.

Project Infinity is a role-playing video game (RPG) with an element of strategy and adventure.


Movement Controls:
Pressed On any tile on the screen to move and reach it.

In Options Menu:
(1) To Select, Something Pressed Twice On That Object
(2) To Go Back Press the Screen by your two fingers.

BackPack Open Control:
You can Open Backup By Pressing the screen by your
two fingers and to disable it repeat the same process.

Adnan Yousuf
Founder of Gamaddict Studio - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android