Project Discord
Project Discord is an up and coming “Third Person Survival Horror / Stealth” game. I worked for 2 years on the project, first as a junior developer, then as a senior developer, and lastly as a co-owner of the project.
The project was born out of a desire for a truly unique horror setting for a game, that merged historical facts and fiction into a scintillating story line. We combined this with mechanics that did away with the clique and repackaged nature of gameplay found in many of todays games in the survival horror genre, all to enhance the horror experience.
During development, in my programming role I oversaw the implementation of a variety of features, such as our unique door opening mechanic, two character switching system along with camera effects, smart follow AI tailored to the tight layout of the prison, and a ton of other ground up created editor / runtime tools. I gained significant knowledge of visual programming tools, and how they can be used to leverage a developers time, and allow other members of the project to easily amend / tweak parts elements of the gameplay themselves. I also gained significant knowledge of the Unity Playable’s API for animations, which helped greatly in unlocking the potential of Mecanim.
Below is a pre-alpha video that includes some of those features, not all were polished by this point.
In my role as co-owner and manager I oversaw the expansion and improvement of our game from it’s initial planning / prototyping stage to the demo stage we aimed for, for out Kickstarter campaign. I directly coordinated the level design, game design, story plot / writing and introduced visual tools such as Articy Draft to aid us in our development in these areas. I feel this was the most valuable part of the project for me personally as it allowed to me understand the connection between the different elements of game creation, and how important it is for the team members themselves to feel valued and appreciated to aid us in reaching our final goal.
This was by far the most ambitious project I have worked on to-date and immensely enjoyed my time working on this project, and the people I worked along side throughout it.
Jordan Carter
Senior Programmer - Programmer