Project Cinder
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Project Cinder combat is inspired by games like Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden and The Witcher, but we want to emphasize that even though your character is a heavily trained and capable fighter, the world is ruthless and fights should be approached intelligently and skillfully.

Our combat is the biggest difference that we have with our inspirations in which you mostly only have to worry about 2 buttons to attack and perform a predetermined combo, in Project Cinder the melee combat has to be properly timed and directed in order to take advantange of the inertia that each attack has, so the player has to think which attack is going to be next so it can be executed fluidly and create combos that best suit each scenario.

The magic system in the game is also very different from most games. Since magic is a very powerful thing in this world, the character has to enter a cast stance in which the player has to “draw” the symbol of the spell that is going to be used. So it’s a high risk, high reward kinda thing that may not be fit for every situation.

In short, while this will be a fast paced game, it also requires you to think about what to do and not just mash buttons in the fastest way you can. This way you can feel a little of the ruthlessness of this world.
César Efraín Órbenes Alapizco
Game Programmer - Programmer
Isaac Salinas
3D Animator - Artist
Alejandro Escudero
3D Artist / Concept Artist - Artist
Ciro Ivan Bolado Palomo
Game Programmer - Programmer
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Ahmed ElShenawy
8 months ago
Ahmed ElShenawy@César Efraín Órbenes Alapizco Love the concept and combat mechanics look simple enough to understand and be able to start mastering them right away. I'm wondering about the spell casting part though. Is this game going to be only on PC/Mac or also on consoles? The 'draw your spells' part would be rather difficult to achieve in real-time with analog sticks. Okami went around this by letting you pause the game and also be able to look around you while paused, so that you can choose where or on what object you want to cast your spell.
Nice! This new method would definitely make the action more fluid and energetic. Keep at it, I'd love to play your game once it's out!
Sunil kumar
9 months ago
awesome work
Game Programmer
Santiago AriztiHola, soy un programador mexicano como tú, pero no de juegos, me gustaría (por lo menos en mi tiempo libre) empezar a hacer más cosas, ver juegos como el tuyo me inspira a seguir adelante :)
Hola Santiago, me da gusto que nuestro trabajo te inspire, si te sirve de algo, este tambien es un proyecto hecho en tiempos libres 😁
Hola César. Genia el concepto y el tipo de gameplay! Si necesitas música original o diseño sonoro estoy a tus ordenes. Soy Compositor Musical para audiovisuales, llevo tiempo buscando participar en un video juego y el tuyo llamó mucho mi atención. Te pasó mi página donde puedes ver un poco de mi trabajo, estaría chido aportar a este proyecto. WWW.MANUELPELAYO.COM
Game Programmer
Ivo StinghenAmazing work!
Thanks man