Project Blaster 2
Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Android; WebGL
A sequel of my previous game
After the first Attack of the MAOS on Earth. The Earth Defense Force Manage To Defeat them by using a prototype aircraft. Unfortunately, they are back and more fierce and this time around Earth Wasn't prepared. By using the next iteration and untested Aircraft is time to return and fight them again.
About the game
Take control of a powerful aircraft and fight your way through waves of enemies and defeat the end boss and stop Maos. There are different Enemies to Defeat and Boss Fight. Right now there is only One Boss and 3-4 unique enemies. Collect material that is dropped from destroyed enemies and use it to Upgrade your Ship Power and Buy Upgrades and Weapons. In addition the use of Ship Ultimate Power to avoid a dangerous situation and save you from getting overrun. Earn Points and Reach High Score.
This is a still ongoing project I am working on my free time and it is a sequel to my first game I made a few years ago. Wanted to improve upon it and make see what I can do better now that I have learned more.
Petros Kitsaras
C# Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android; WebGL