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MMORPG sandbox full loot inspired on Ultima Online
Working as a senior developer, implementing new features (client/server), fixing existing bugs, and refactoring systems for performance and patterning gains.
Some tasks made:
== REFACTOR == * Gathering System == IMPROVEMENTS == * Banking System * NPCs Merchant: Variable purchase and sale prices * Ranged attack: archery and arrows == IMPLEMENTATION == * Changes in basic skills system, reducing 53% of Garbage Collector and ~92% CPU usage time in creating character skills * Complete implementation (from prototype to publish) of a great game boss: Con Rit * Implementation of AI and Prototype of a great boss of the game: Corrupted Obrion (Golem of Poison) * 8 new arrows: - Flint Arrow: common and cheap. - Broadhead Arrow: increased chance of critical damage; - Bodkin Arrow: minor damage, but greater penetration; - Blunt Arrow: damage, penetration and chance of critical damage low, but with chance of STUN; - Bleeding Arrow: chance to apply BLEED (bleeding); - Poisonous Arrow: chance to apply POISON (poison); - Flaming Arrow: chance to apply BURN (fire); - Explosive Arrow: chance to apply EXPLOSION * Character status screen: demonstrates in numbers the sum of the bonuses acquired by equipment * 4 new passive skills * Immunity system for entities * Entity Threat System: used by AIs to set more threatening targets to be attacked * Combat Areas System for Entities: As well as the threat system, it is used by AI's in engaging and setting targets * New active skill: DASH * Many status modifiers (poison, acid, pin) * New GM commands: freeze, thaw, kick, threatinfo * Fixed hundreds of existing bugs == DOCUMENTATION == * Tutorials to support the development team * Study and report to refactor the basic skills system
Alexandre Chacon
Senior Unity - Programmer
Lucca Fortino
App/Game Developer - Programmer
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Rodrigo Abreu
6 months ago
Senior Software Engineer
Looks amazing Alexandre, really good job.