Procedural Planets

Procedural Planets - High resolution planets generated in seconds at run-time

The procedural planets asset is 2 MB in size and it generates high resolution 3D planets during run-time using a random seed. Planets have 100 parameters that can be randomized, overridden and animated.
Create unique random procedural planets in seconds during run-time. Close to 100 properties control appearance of planets and the properties can be set using random seed and overridden for fully customized planets.
There are no traditional textures in this asset, all textures are 100% generated at run-time.
Texture resolution can be set to 2048x2048 (and all the way down to 16x16 pixels). The textures are blended within the GPU shader to achieve virtual resolutions equivalent to a spherical texture map of approx. 60000 x 60000 pixels for coastline fidelity.
Stefan Persson
Developer, Creator, Music & Audio - Other