Procedural Loot Spawner
Procedural Loot Spawner is an asset for the Unity Asset Store that handles spawning of objects. It can be used to spawn "loot" such as supplies, weapons, etc... in survival type games, or used in many other circumstances :)
Main features of the asset:
  • Spawns from an "object pool". This allows it to pre-spawn all objects while the game is loading, and doesn't spawn during the game. This ensures the best performance.
  • Automatically respawns loot after a random time (x, y) after a certain threshold has been passed.
  • Can spawn multiple objects per loot region, based off an item weighting of all objects in that region. You can choose which objects spawn more often, and which spawn less often.
  • Each region is separate. You can have multiple instances of the spawner in your scene, since it works independently.
  • Ability to use a seed. Loot spawning pattern will be the exact same across instances with a seed.