Procedural dungeon
*A procedural dungeon *Has the option of runtime regeneration of specific branches. *Can handle doors or no doors. *Has random or constrained branching prop decoration and room generation. *Props can hold their own scripts
* A procedurally generated dungeon that can regenerate branches of the dungeon at runtime *Regeneration has player detection so not to delete the players room *has object avoidance so it does not overlap itself *Culls the rooms not near you to save fps *Optimized square root calculations for distances *Looping connections *Can handle over 400 rooms at 60fps while regenerating the culled or non culled rooms * Random branching prop decoration per room *can be constrained to specific props or any prop. *The props can include programmed mini games. Like puzzles or secrets. *Can constrain certain rooms to connect to specific rooms or any room, *The rooms/sections of the dungeon can include doors. Allowing the creation of random houses. *Can be used to create multi level dungeons
Anthony Scott Weber
Unity Freelance Developer - Programmer
Haim ifrah
9 months ago
Indie game developer and artist