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I created a digital product that allows any graphic designer to surly understand the fact that a 3D Portfolio is necessary for there career so they may be part of the IT Industry that allows you to earn time due to long period of time of search that is required to actually enter in contact and finally connect as a member of these community to actually allow them to pass the internet's current gateway based on my research that are a lot of people who would wish to earn money from the comfort of there own home as a team I understand that they can earn up to 100.000$ per year realizing a product just for iPhone on the AppStore witch is considered a advantage, the idea is the following, practically when realizing that a laptop is a transportable device over the world, understanding these hiring possibility is important considering the fact that your own office space is relevant to the marketplace I consider it necessary for human existence in these private environment due to social advantages that influence life in it' essence therefore I consider 10$ very fair to for at least 5 years of searching effort that may not result because there are not any alternatives in these current moment to support the fact that you are a professional Freelancer from inside the industry, right ? I'm ready to split the profit with you, I use a Payoneer MasterCard and it's easy for me to transfer the income to your bank account, I'm interested in obtaining any type of email, list, database of potential clients that can also be laptop users in any form similar to a ticket that will result in a profit, the possibility to socialize under your own conditions with people that you love witch is relevant for "The Modern Society" in these very moment in time and space there are potential clients that I would like to convince myself by earning the possibility to create a presentable product for them to self convince on the final decision in our direction. Thank your for your allocated time and looking forward to obtain a client so I may be able to complete a personal project for the Asset Store to simplify the IT System.
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