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Hello everyone! I'm Bin Zhang from Singularity studio, and I'm a 3D animator. At present, the members of the studio include my wife and I. The studio used to make independent animations and independent games as the core. When we had the baby, I changed my direction.
Now I'm an independent artist and also a Unity Asset Store Publisher.

This time, I use a special Asset package to quickly make the Sci-Fi scene, which is required by an Asset Store user.
So I decide that future assets are customizable so that each user can create a unique set of scenarios and roles. I hope you find it interesting!


This challenge I will try using low poly style to express.Therefore,I reference many pictures about blade runner and cyberpunk style.
When I looking for the reference, I give a story for this creature. Enjoy it.



WIP Log #8. The final output

Considering make TV Noise effect in the Premiere before,but finally use Unity3D Video Player complete this effect easily.

WIP Log #7. Timeline, Cinemachine

I use timeline to control the character animation before,the three roles below use the same Idle Animation Clip.I put these three Idle Animation Clip staggered,it make every character have different status in the same time.
Cinemachine’s “Look at”function save many time for me in the camera tracks,the all camera track is base on it.

WIP Log #6. Character and animation

I use POLY STYLE - Sci-Fi Characters’s characters as this film’s actor.
In the Cinema4D create new animation for these characters,and export to Unity3D.

WIP Log #5 Lights and Post Processing

Lights and Post Processing for the scene,to achieve the desired atmosphere.

WIP Log #4. Camera and details

I set up several CM vcam camera to make sure shot of video,according to the camera need me made vehicle and props to improve picture details extra.

WIP Log #3. Build a basic scene

Use Environment Blocks to build scene,and put the building in the right place.

WIP Log #2. Create a building

I use my POLY STYLE - Sci-Fi City Customizable Pack,it help me create 20+different science buildings in few minutes.

WIP Log #1. Draw sky box

According to the references draw sky box,consider the unity of the picture,I use Illustrator software draw Illustration Vector.

Assets Use

  • Cinemachine
  • Post Processing
  • POLY STYLE - Sci-Fi Characters
  • POLY STYLE - Sci-Fi City Customizable Pack (Pending Review)
  • POLY STYLE - Night Circus
Zhang Bin
3D animator - Designer
Game Developer
Very nice art style! Congratulations!
Zhang Bin
3 years ago
3D animator
Nathaniel VenturaSuperb work with Cinemachine and Timeline. Your shot composition is great.
@Nathaniel Ventura Thank you for your support and Unity Connect.
Nathaniel Ventura
3 years ago
Product Marketing Manager
Superb work with Cinemachine and Timeline. Your shot composition is great.
Zhang Bin
3 years ago
3D animator
Ray LowengardThis is amazing! Why doesn't it have more likes and views? No love for low-poly? Anyway, good luck!
@Ray Lowengard Thank you for your support, I inserted Sketchfab links to animated scenes in the article, hope more people like this piece :-)
Ray Lowengard
3 years ago
Game Developer
This is amazing! Why doesn't it have more likes and views? No love for low-poly? Anyway, good luck!