PrinceNapped is an unblock puzzle game where players rescue a handsome prince by manipulating a fantasy world. Features: *Free-to-play, strategic, unblock puzzle gameplay *75 innovative levels *Collectible amulets to aid in your adventure *Join Clara, our heroine, whose special abilities aid you in rescuing Prince Edwin Thematic Inspiration: Ker-Chunk Games aims to empower women as players by showcasing them as the heroes they already are. Innovation: We took a popular, but only somewhat explored genre, unblock puzzles, and combined free-form block movement with special pieces, lovable characters, and fantasy landscapes. Play PrinceNapped on Facebook now at PrinceNapped Full Developer Credits Game & Systems Design Molly Proffitt - Lead Game Designer Leah Knighton - Narrative Designer Molly Proffitt - Level Designer Art Direction Annick Huber - Art Director Annick Huber - Concept & Environment Artist Leah Knighton - Lead Character Artist & Animator Programming Justin Sheets - Lead Gameplay Programmer Justin Sheets - Client & Server Engineer Jason Smith - Gameplay Programmer Scott Adams - Prototype Gameplay Programmer Make Fuse - AWS Consulting Aethercast Studios - Prototype Development Partner Audio Jessica Gore - Sound Designer & Audio Engineer Jessica Gore - Composer Atlanta Game Audio - SFX & Music Partner Advisory Board Adam Green Adam Kunz
Ker-Chunk Games