Prescription for Serenity
The latest in the "Prescription for Sleep" series.
From the makers of “Prescription for Sleep,” the original hit sleep-aid application (with over 450,000 downloads), comes a next-generation app designed to give you the relaxation and peace you deserve – Prescription for Serenity. The Hibino Sound Therapy Lab, led by renowned game music composer Norihiko Hibino (of Metal Gear Solid fame), has prepared 11 full albums of therapeutic music, all created to give the listener feelings of relaxation, calm, and inner peace. FEATURES - All original music, composed by musicians (including harp therapist Linda Hill-Phoenix) with experience creating therapeutic music for medical facilities. There are 82 songs spanning 11 albums, all made specifically for therapeutic purposes. - Music recorded in high-quality 24-bit / 96 kHz. All songs are mixed and mastered using the widest range of audible frequencies, in order to provide the most stimulating sound possible. - New songs and albums to be released on a regular basis. - A sleep timer that makes the app a perfect guide through the doors of sleep. INDICATIONS We recommend the therapeutic music in this app for people experiencing the following: - Difficulty falling asleep (the harp music is especially effective) - Mild depression - Feelings of aggravation - Lack of sense of purpose - Helplessness - Uneasiness - Anger - A sense of lack or longing - Loneliness USAGE Listen with open ears and mind, in a setting with no distractions. Headphones or external speakers are recommended. You have full access to all available songs, and when you find some you like, continue listening to them daily. After time, you may sense a change in your outlook, mood, depth of sleep, and general quality of life.
Mission One, LLC