Prepping for a session with Unity Help Live Expert
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We have all been there at one time or another …
  • You posted your question in the Unity forums or Q&A, it gets lots of views but no answers …
  • A unity upgrade caused some issues in your project due to old code and you're not able to find a fix …
  • Your game design needs a fresh set of eyes to move things along in a different direction …
  • You're stuck on some code that just won't work the way you intended it to …
  • Your artwork needs to go from grey box to wowzah …
  • You just bought a shiny new asset store package, you can't seem to reach the author but you need help anyway - like right now …
Unity has soft launched a Live Help Expert service. You can find out more about service in this FAQ

To access the service now, you may click the button below or after you finish reading these tips.

By submitting a ticket, there is a good chance that one of our Live Help Experts can be that person who helps you get past your pain point so you can keep your project moving forward.
Since you will be paying by the minute for expert help, you should take some time before you submit your request to prepare for your initial and possible follow up sessions. This prework can help reduce the amount of time it will take one of the experts to assimilate your issue and provide you with some possible solutions. Saving time may mean saving money.
Let's walk through the questions you are going to be asked

What help do you need? *

This is a 50 character summary, the first thing we read and a quick indicator of your issue. This will help grab the attention of the correct expert to help you.

Enter a description of your problem *

This is a 300 character description of your problem. Please be as verbose as possible in the space allowed. Including links to places where you may have already tried to request unpaid assistance. If you need more room, consider documenting your issue in one of Unity's other places to go looking for support like the Unity forums and/or Unity Answers and link it back here. Be prepared to copy and paste this text into the chat once your session starts as the text from your initial request will not be available to your expert after the session starts (Note: #1)

What version of Unity are you currently using for your project?

In addition to the Unity editor code base you may be currently using, you should also provide a list of any specific platforms, tools or assets that your project is depending on. Gathering this information to present to your expert is going to be appreciated to minimize any confusion and save time when testing or setting up specific environments to recreate your issue. If you are planning on sharing any of the assets for the purposes of problem determination or education please upload them to a secure file sharing service and be prepared to share the link.

Would you like to add any screenshots?

They used to say a picture is worth a thousand words - still true today. Please include screen shots if at all possible. Short video clips illustrating what your issue is or what you want done are also very helpful. Again, having links handy you can just paste into your expert chat session once you press the button to start, will help immensely.

Would you like to connect with an expert you previously worked with?

If this is your first time using the service you may not see this prompt. If you want to send your problem to an expert who has already helped you in the past then choose yes and select them from the list, otherwise your ticket will be presented to qualified experts based on your choices below.

What categories do you need help with? *

There are many Community Experts available - each with a different set of skills (possibly overlapping) . If this is your first time requesting help you might want to scope things down to help pinpoint the best expert to help you. If your first request does not trigger any response, the time zone might be off schedule with most of the available experts (Note: 2) or your range of skills was too narrow and you might need to consider expanding them slightly

What type of expert are you looking for? *

This is another way to help narrow down the field of available experts to make sure you get connected with an expert that has a good chance of successfully helping with your request. These are mutually exclusive for this process, so you should pick the one that is closest to what your perceived need is.

  • Programmer
  • Artist
  • Designer
  • Generalist

What language would you like the expert to speak? *

Pick your preferred language from the available list. This list should expand over time.

What is your maximum budget (price per minute)? *

This is where the rubber hits the road.
  • You're under a deadline.
  • You really need someone with specific skills.
  • You have already spent a lot of time and cannot come up with a solution.
  • Your art skills are not up to par for the type of product you want to deliver.
  • Your projects stalled and if you only just get past this point you could move on to the next step of getting your app done and out the door.

We have all been there at one time or another …

Only you can decide what this is worth and if it makes sense to reach out for help. It doesn't hurt to explore the options and make a decision based on what you might learn by reaching out for help.
So before you press the button below, take some time upfront to prepare to make the session a successful one for your specific journey.
Note: #1 This should change with a later version of the platform
Note: #2 Currently during the soft launch (Canada) many on the experts are located in Canada as well. The number of available experts and the geographies in which they are located will increase as Unity rolls this service out worldwide.

To learn more about applying to become a Community expert yourself please review these links

About this Contributor: Glenn has been working with Unity since 2009. He has developed several 2D and 3D applications. These days Glenn spends most of his time focused on VR and AR applications. Glenn achieved Unity Developer certification in April 2017 (201704UCD1941). Glenn also recently achieved Unity Verified Expert Status.
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