Predefined Ascension
Updated a year ago
Hi my name is Ahmed Hussain Al-salman, I am a 2D/3D designer and animator. I am new to unity and game design in general, so when the opportunity came and I saw neon challenge, I thought to myself this is the best chance to test my knowledge of unity and games design in general. I hope you like the video and will look forward for it. Post 1(one day is left) because I am very busy with the project itself I can't share more than this now, but here are some of the models I have done for the contest tomorrow i will update the final scene along with all the assets I used please look forward for it, thanks.
...its unfortunate that my pc couldn't render the video with high quality but i just wanted to upload the project hopefully next time things would go according to plan...thank you for watching
Assets used: 1911 Pistol Pack Lighting Box 2 (Next-Gen Lighting Solution) MCS Male Post-Apo Pack Post Processing Stack Cinemachine Free HDR Sky
music credits:
Colorless Aura Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License