PowerLand: Ignis
An Action RPG and one of the games within the PowerLand series.
Premise Darkness looms over the futuristic city known as Quantona. Its mayor, Quantona James has struggled to keep the morale high since the destruction of another city, Bermu, a few years ago at the hands of an unknown saboteur. In the years that followed, a ruthless tyrant known as the Popcorn Master rose to power. His oppressive rule forced many refugees to flee from his domain in Diamond Centre’s southernmost area. Yet within these “floods” were his spies, making their way into Quantona and causing civil unrest. Tensions rise to a climax until one day… The spies encounter resistance. One by one, their numbers diminish. They are defeated at the hands of a mysterious young woman—a masked ninja vigilante. She strikes hard and fast, leaving many to wonder… Who is she? Reinforcements come into Quantona through secret channels now since this vigilante has shut down their public routes. Unfortunately, they fail to heed the warning on the front door… BEWARE OF THE FLARE!
Othello Gooden Jr.
Game Designer - Designer