Power Joysticks
0 The Power Joysticks package is an easy to use mobile input solution designed for Android and iOS. It includes powerful, flexible and customizable Joysticks, D-Pads and Buttons. The package uses unity’s cross platform input manager to handle inputs.
Please Note: - Standard Assets -> CrossPlatformInput needs to be imported - Works with Screen Space - Overlay - Designed for and tested with Android / iOS platforms (Switch platform in Build Settings) - Scripts are packed in dll
Features: - 46 ready to use game controller prefabs. - 40 jostick prefabs - 9 d-pad prefabs - 80 button prefabs - Contains lots of textures for creating individual game controllers - Extremely customizable: Change textures and tint, use fade-, scale-, direction indication- , rotation- and shadow EFX. Use underlay and overlay textures and EFX for buttons. - Individual alignment, positioning and scaling for landscape and portrait orientations. - Static and dynamic positioning. - Invisible joysticks: possible - Automated scaling based on a reference resolution. - Dead Zones - Analog and digital modes for joysticks and d-pads. - Auto Fire mode for buttons. - Use an axis to trigger a button. - Use a button to set an axis value. - Tap events for joysticks, d-pads and buttons - "Power Up" and "Refresh" EFX and events for buttons. Demo scenes and pdf documentation included. Bonus Content (experimental state): Simple texture editing tools for even more customization: Tint Texture, Overlay Texture, Combine 2 Textures, Invert Texture, Change Texture Brightness and Contrast.