Post Apocalyptic (DIY)/survival pack
//update1 - asset release (accent on performances) -FINISHED

18 Predefined mealy weapons(awg ~ 1000 triangles) + 1 scripted weapon mechanics----16 handles,26 blades,10 connectors,61 metal pieces,17 electronics parts.----1x2048 texture set(pbr) for whole asset ,albedo,metallic smoothness(packed),normal.----1 Material(Unity standard shader).


//update2 - FINISHED (7/1/2018) m/d/y
While waiting for approval i'm already working on small update:
+ ~6 weapons from existing parts ,upgrading the scene with examples,custom mesh colliders,additional scripting for trap mechanics(modular script is made which can rotate anything with Unity physics,ideal for traps,with just one boolean you can activate or reset the trap/rotation - tons of settings),prefabs.+Modular Raycast script,key is modularity(can serve for anything) and customization,performance friendly Raycasting. Will be used by me for traps and similar but can serve for any other case.
//update4 - IN PROGRESS (27/12/2018) - accent on re-usability,texel density,customization. Sorry for the long "brake"(was working on other projects),i'm continuing working on update4!
Substances - in Progress
Hand Painted Forest Rocks are coming inside few day's i hope.
In same time cranking up the shader for the procedural version of rocks(you can read about them bellow),they'l come after hand painted ones.
Rocks - 70 modeled,unwraped ,estimated total rock models with variations 120+ -InProgress
Multiblend Rock Shader - InProgress
Goal is making possible having around over ~400 rocks that aren't to much similar to each others.
rocks First set of rocks will count aprox ~70 rocks shapes/meshes(close to 100 most likely).At least one custom multi material layering shader and 2 or 3 up to 10 procedural substance materials which will be able to generate "infinite" texture variations. Instead of texturing each rock individually which would result in way to many textures(whole PBR texture sets) each rock will use just one pre-defined Texture Mask and optional procedural substance(3 textures packed inside one Texture R,G,B channels - all 3 will be also procedural and will mask each other inside the custom shader(i'l make shader does not require these 3 textures so they are optional)-so infinite variations on how materials are blending on top of rocks are possible) so we can pop out those edges(static baked texture) and mask materials under each other(procedural substance that outputs packed masks which are plugged into shader/Unity material that uses such). Custom shader will provide you simple/performant "terrain blending" and rocks will react to your weather conditions + obvious multi material blending on rocks + i'l provide/script simple tools to wrap these rocks into decent system easy for usage. In scenes where we have large environment we will save on GPU performances like this.For CPU performances savings i'l make 3 or 4 mesh LOD's. Also some mesh rocks will be made from existing ones so it means UV's of these re-used meshes(that looks different then their originals) is the same which means we no longer need to bake additional maps/Textures to define edges which is additional nice saving on textures count.
For rock updates only shader will stay the same and what i will update with future rock updates are meshes,substances and baked maps(baked mesh information into texture/mask which will help the shader to distribute substances on rocks).Simple stuff,but i'l make good documentation on everything.
//update3 - to do (02/01/2019 <start day) - accent on visual quality and customization (design+texture resolution+custom shaders)
//update5 - to do(x/x/x) - accent on re-usability,texel density,customization.
//update6 - to do (x/x/x) - accent on re-usability,texel density,customization.
Architectural pieces
//update7 - to do (x/x/x) - accent on visuals,texel density,customization.
//update8 - to do (x/x/x) - accent on visuals,texel density,customization.
Then repeat whole process at least 3,4 times and add new stuff on the way like characters and similar.
Milenko Karolic
3D Design - Artist
Milenko Karolic
a year ago
3D Design
Asset version 1.0 is available :