Possible Title's For The Finale Assassin's Creed?
Published 3 years ago
Title's for the Finale for the Assassins Creed?
I do not think that there should be a finale for the assassins creed franchise because I always have loved the stories and all the connections that are made through out the movie, but every great Franchise has an end sadly. That got me thinking after completing the Assassins Creed Origins, what's next from Ubisoft? Are they just going to carry on from Syndicate? I would just like to suggest a name for the Assassins creed finale, so I searched up end in a thesaurus and a lot of different words came up but I felt that for the finale they should have a special name something that isn't too complex to say but something that sounds great coming out of the mouth. So the title it could possibly be 'Assassins Creed Coup De Grâce' the coup de grâce is french if it wasn't obvious enough and it means a final blow or shot given to kill a wounded person or animal, what if it meant for the assassins creed story it is the final blow or shot given to finish a great franchise? Yes I know it may seem a bit stupid but I feel that this is a perfect fit for the title, The final isn't here yet and it may be a long time till we hear that the next game will be the ending. This is not me trying to make everyone upset that the end is here because its not its just me trying to give a great idea for a good ending, Please give any names I would love to know everyone's idea on assassins creed titles!