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An experimental project made with Unity 2017
Hi, my name is Fahim Ahmed. I am game designer, more like a generalist. Currently I am working as a VR/AR content designer and developer. I like designing and lighting realtime 3d content / environment. So, first time when I saw Neon demo I was blown away! And then few days later I saw the announcement of Neon Challenge. It was indeed a very happy day for me. I always wanted to do something like that, so for me it was like a go ahead flag. I immediately started planning to do something like that. But unfortunately, after few days later a new project had started in my workplace and I was in so much work pressure that it was just impossible for me to focus in my home project.
Neon Challenge is now over, but I decided to create the demo anyway. I saw the beautiful and creative demos submitted the community members. Those are like a huge inspiration for me.

Making of

This demo is made with Unity 2017.3.1p4 using almost only AssetStore contents (97% models are from asset store.) And it took me around two weeks to complete the demo.
Important Engine Settings:
  • Rendering Path: Deferred
  • Color Space: Linear
  • Lighting: Precomputed realtime GI
Most Important Tools/Assets:
  • Post Processing Stack v2
  • Volumetric Light and Fog
  • Atmospheric Scattering (from Adam Exterior asset)
  • Cinemachine
  • VSCode


The seed idea was, there will be some platforms in the sky for ships and there will be a huge gate and the mood of the scene would be dark industrial-ish. So I was roughly started putting cubes for draft level design. This was the result after 1-2 hours of work.
I added some more details.
I wanted my scene to be dark. So I placed the sun in a more indirect position and add post effects. The list of post effects I used:
  • The list of post effects I used:
  • Temporal AA
  • Color grading
  • Bloom
  • Motion blur
  • Screen Space Realtime Reflection
  • Atmospheric Scattering
Filled the empty areas.

Finally add ships, bots, animations, particle effects etc.
I used timeline for most of the animations. I am very bad with cinematic camera movement and that's where Cinemachine came in. My camera move is not good but It could have been much worse if I hadn't used Cinemachine.

Performance Considerations

This scene contains more than 60 lights. I turned off the shadows for most of lights and used low resolution shadow whenever possible. I wanted to use volumetric fog lights for ship's and bot's light. But that would be too much pressure on the hardware. So went for traditional fake way, a simple gradient shader and used that in a cone, added emission and it looks good enough as a volumetric fog light from distant.

360 Version for Cardboard/VR


Team Members

  • Fahim Ahmed
  • All the makers from Unity AssetStore.

Asset List

  • Adam Exterior Environment - Free
  • Real-Time Procedural Cable Simple - Free
  • Free SF Fighter - Free
  • SF Imperial Corvette F3 - Free
  • 25 Mixed Industrial Sign Pack - Free
  • Rotary x8 - FREE Engine Sound Pack - Free
  • i6 German - FREE Engine Sound Pack - Free
  • Industrial Zones & Ambience - $10
  • Free Sound FX - Free
  • DOTween - Free
  • Spaceship - By Pixel MakeSpace - Free
  • Astra Starship Fleet PackageSpace - Free
  • Simple Cars Pack - Free
  • TEM-2 (Soviet Locomotives) - Free
  • Railway Tank 15-1427 (Soviet Locomotives) - Free
  • TE-109 (Soviet Locomotives) - Free
  • SpaceFighter - Free
  • SpaceCraft 0 - Free
  • The Probe - $12 (Discount with plan)
  • M3 k-BM (SciFi Hand Grenade) - $10
  • SCI-Fi Battery Pack Free - Free
  • SciFi Base / Defense Tower - FREE Pack 03 - Free
  • SCI-FI Panels Minipack 1 - $15
  • SCI-FI Terrain Pack 1 - $5.99
  • OctaneRender for Unity Installer Scene - Free
  • Sci-Fi Door - Free
  • ATM - Free
  • Container - Free
  • Industrial/Scifi Loot Crate - Free
  • Pickup Truck 1980 - $8 (Discount with Plan)
  • Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern - $8
  • Free Steel Frame Pack - Free
  • Pipes Kit - Free
  • Wires-Cables Constructor - Free
  • Scientific laboratory Tesla - Free
  • Technical laboratory: Reactor - Free
  • Octave3D-Level Design - (Got free with subscription plan)
  • Ultimate VFX - $17 (Got in 50% discount in sale)
  • TextMesh Pro - Free
  • Standard Assets - Free
  • Robot Lab (Unity 4x) - Free
  • Corridor Lighting Example - Free
  • Skybox: - Free
  • Character animation: Mixamo - Free
Total Cost: $85.99 (+ Time + Energy)
Fahim Ahmed
VR/AR Design & Developer - Programmer
Fahim Ahmed
2 years ago
VR/AR Design & Developer
Game Designer