Porcelain-one game to make your arts
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Porcelain-one game to make your arts


Porcelain is a game to make your arts,but not only just arts. Inside ancient and beautiful porcelains, are history stories left by times around the world. We want to make people interested in porcelain by playing this game, and understand the global history and production process associated with porcelain. In the game, we also refer to the production process patterns and colors of real porcelain.
We mainly refer to the production process and pattern color design of Chinese porcelain,especially blue and white porcelain(青花瓷). Chinese ceramics show a continuous development since pre-dynastic times and are one of the most significant forms of Chinese art and ceramics globally.
In our game, you can design your own style of blue and white porcelain. In addition to blue and white porcelain, we also offer glaze colors, which are historically referenced colors.In ancient times, there were not so many colors that could be chosen by artisans due to technical limitations.

The color design of the game

white glaze
White glaze is the natural color glaze of porcelain.General porcelain clay and glaze, are more or less contain some iron oxide, the ware will present a different shade of cyan after burning.Bluish glaze is also called " shadow cyan(影青)", because bluish glaze contains iron content low,the white color is slightly cyan, glaze layer is thin and glittering and translucent, in addition because it is extremely thin, the dark carve pattern on surface, inside and outside can reflect see.
Red glaze
The red glaze has a wide variety of kinds,in addition to bright red, it evolves because of the change in shade into all sorts of different breed,such like gem red(宝石红), vermilion(朱红), chicken blood red(鸡血红),deep red(积红),wipe red(抹红) and so on.Wipe red with a little yellow called apricot red(杏子杉), slightly yellow called coral glaze(珊瑚红), still have in addition orange red and Chinese red.Light red is generally called pink, with a little gray is called cowpea red(豇豆红), carmine is also a kind of pink.
Green glaze
Both the green glaze and the green cai (绿彩)belong to the verdigris glaze.In China, copper was used as colorant to make letterprint green glaze in Han dynasty.However,before the Ming dynasty the mature malachite green burning technology appear, all the green glaze is dark green, not to the extent of bright green.Therefore, the successful green glaze is the Ming and Qing dynasty products, such as high temperature green glaze in langyao green(郎窑绿), apple green, low temperature green glaze in malachite green, melon green and okra green and so on.
In the process of making the game, we refer to a large number of porcelain materials, including the reference photo of the porcelain to select the colors.
To our surprise, some Chinese porcelain glazes are not only derived from plants or animals in life such as cowpea red, but also from myths and legends.

The color called Tianqing,is a very precious color in porcelain. It is said that only in the foggy rainy days, the porcelain of this color will be burned, which is used in the verse to express the poet's feelings .
Inside the game, you can get a combination of random colors and patterns by clicking on the floating squares. You also can change color by RGB.

Game guide

1.shape the clay

  • Turn the mouse wheel to let the porcelain taller or shorter.
  • The left mouse button to shrink and the right mouse button to expand.
  • Click "Tools" in the top left corner, can set the following these
  1. Brush Size :The smaller the brush, the better you can modify the details.
  2. Rotate Speed: Make it slower to make you see more clearer.
  3. SoilDetail: Pull to the far left so you can make a hexagonal container.
  4. Radius: Make your porcelain thinner or fatter.

2.choose colors and patterns

  • clicking on the floating squares to get colors and patterns. If you don't like what you got, you can click more than once.
  • Using keyboard A D or ← →to change the option in the top right corner
  1. Draw color :change color by RGB
  2. Fire :The fired porcelain will become smooth
  3. Glaze:change glaze color

Tools and functions used

  • Unity 2018.3.0f2
  • adobe premiere pro cc(to make video)
  • adobe audition cs6
  • visual studio 2017
  • adobe photoshop 2019
  • SAI Ver.2


  • Ray march
  • Post Processing Stack V2
  • Cinemachine
  • Edit Mesh
  • Reflection Probes&&GI
  • Volumetric-Light
  • ...
Game background music: Rural village atmosphere - near lake Todos Santos, Chile_01(come from BBCSoundEffects )

Game production process:

Cylinder drawing process

This is the prefact chance to inspect our skills of games design and superexcellent way to compolish our idea.Whether you like it or think it needs improvement, you can tell us. This is of great help to us.
Thank you for reading!
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