Published 2 years ago
Pop Secret launches its first ever scented dongle to promote their new App, Poptopia.

Designed to enhance and create a unique user experience, the dongle, which attaches through the audio jack, releases occasional bursts of sweet smelling popcorn during each game.
Away from the cute, and charming dongle, Poptopia is an iOS game where the objective is simple – send as many perfectly popped kernels up to the toothy smiled hungry mouth, while avoiding charred kernels and dangerous ‘Scorchers’.
The main objective being; to rack up as many points as possible.
Through popping ripe, tasty popping corn, the users gain Labels For Education points, which later can count towards a school of their choice being granted school tokens to use for books and other teaching equipment.
Poptopia is actually a game with a dual purpose: to enlighten you about the world of Pop-secret’s kernels in an innovative and fun way, and to give back to schools by partnering with Labels For Education. At the end of each game, users will be given the option to add their scores towards a school of their choosing via LFE integration.
Poptopia may not give the most accurate and scientific explanation of the kernel popping process, but it will, without a doubt, keep you entertained on long train journey’s and frustrated delays.
Julio Sousa
Senior Programmer - Programmer
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