Pope: Greet the People
Published 2 years ago
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Mac; Windows; WebGL; Unity Web Player
Greet your followers in St. Peter's Square, smite those that lose faith in you. A 2017 Global Game Jam entry.

The Idea

Created over 2 days as my entry for the 2017 Global Game Jam under the theme "Waves". My idea was to turn "repeated greeting" into a game mechanic.
With that goal in mind, I thought of public figures who have wave a lot and the Pope made the cut. Selecting such a notable character to build the game around really helped bring the art, sound and comedy together.

What worked

Art Style

A Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) style of animation felt like a no-brainer. Sourcing images from Renaissance artwork and creating assets from them proved to be a major time saver and a very enjoyable experience.


By limiting my scope early and deciding only to create a single level. I was given more time to work on gameplay and visuals.

What failed


The game proved to be quite difficult and very few managed to actually win. I believe this is due to the tutorial being a wall of text. The game mechanics aren't clearly understandable, for example, most players could not figure out how attract new followers.

My favorite parts

  • Creating a cutout pope and animating him.
  • Recording sound effects for the game. I loved making the Pope's "Mr Bean" inspired "hello" sounds.
  • Building a hacked together St. Peter's Square using images from Google Street View.
  • Creating the Super Smite. I felt a homage to what inspired me is necessary and I'm happy how the entire sequence ended up.
Daniel Esterhuizen
Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; WebGL; Unity Web Player