Pop Balloons Fun
Updated a year ago
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Android; iOS
Is a game designed and crafted for kids of all ages. Kids love animals, stars, fruits, colors, toys, candies, cakes, etc... most of all they are always fascinated by balloons. They love playing with balloons and popping them when and where possible. When comes to popping balloons, every one loves the idea. On seeing a balloon even adults behaves as kids and give a try of popping. So, we decided to come up with a simple yet very effective way of building ultimate fun for all age group kids by means of balloons.

To put in a simple equation Balloons + ( Animals + Stars + Flowers + Alphabets + Numbers + Cakes and Candies + many more ) = Pop Master
The game is all about popping the right hot air balloons which carry the matching asset as shown on the target HUD bar. Besides, kids can also pop regular balloons that reveal toys.
Popping gives smiles which is the currency of the game. With 9 different background themes, 7 different matching packs, 9 unique audio tracks, 20 achievements to unlock, the game is going to give kids an ultimate game experience besides cool & simple learning.
The game is launched on Google play store and iOS stores.
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS