"Pool Sharks"
A work-in-progress of the darkest depths where the saline-scoundrels, swindlers, surly, and sunken-eyed can be found! It was my first attempt at making a scene entirely with Zbrush. I sculpted all of the models, did the paint-over for the scene, and made a couple of substance materials that I envisioned would go in the scene.
My idea for the scene began with the idea of a couple of "pool sharks" drinking and eating chum while trying to play a game of "pool." I had the idea that the game of "pool" would actually be played on top of water. The pool balls would float on top of the surface and the game would be played similar to how we play pool!
I made this scene was a while ago just for fun but it was good practice at the time. Although the goal was to use Unity, I still utilized Maya to make a basic water simulation mesh and to fine-tune some of the assets. I have a number of other projects on my website and I have been trying to develop at my own pace while trying to learn everything I can and find a job. Nowadays, I function more like a programmer but I still really enjoy the time I get to spend making digital art.
Evan Ricard
.NET / C# Programmer and 3D Artist - Other