Pong Your Viewers
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Pong Your Viewers
Have you ever wanted to play with your Twitch viewers ? Maybe even hurt them a bit for being such a wonderful folks ? Now is your chance. Pick up Pong Your Viewers and give them a smack !

Game play

The game can be played in two mods:
  • Single player - Offline, with a limited number of players
  • Twitch mode - with your viewers that volunteer to join your game session

Game play demonstration video

Game play elements

The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible. The player with the highest number of points will win.

Twitch integration

To start a Twitch game, make sure to have your Twitch Settings configured.

After Twitch configuration is done, start new Twitch game
When the game is over, High Scores will be shown.

Sprite Shape

The game heavily relies on a sprite shape. We've used it to create background and foreground objects, including those that participate in physics simulation:

Development history

This game was made by two people in 2 months.
The initial design doc was created and most of the game design was formalized in few days

After design doc was finished, initial prototype was created
During development we tried many different approaches focusing on visual look of the map, here is one of them
Eventually final design was selected, here is a screenshot from the Editor
Players are created twice - once for the High Score on the left and another for actual physics object. Canvas is used in World Space view to display Name, Score and Actions:
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Saurabh Saxena
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Nice job 👍