Polyverse Skies - Available on the Unity Asset Store

Available on the Unity Asset Store:


Highly customizable skybox shaders fit for low poly style games, built with Amplify Shader Editor for Console, Mobile and VR, perspective and orthographic camera support.
Customize your skies with 3 color gradient background, sky pattern overlays, animated clouds, sun and moon, twinkling stars, Unity’s built-in fog and high quality textures even at 4K gaming.


  • Amplify Shader Editor support (v1.3.9) !
  • Highly customizable skybox shaders
  • Console, Mobile and VR optimized shaders
  • Feature toggles for easier usage and performance
  • Perspective and Orthographic camera support
  • Unity’s Built-in Fog support
  • Ready made presets included

  • Sky, Horizon and Ground colors support
  • Horizon height and smoothness adjustment
  • 3 Pattern overlay cubemaps at 2K resolution

  • 10 Low poly clouds cubemaps at 4K resolution
  • Clouds lit by directional light
  • Rotation and animation support
  • Height, light and shadow colors adjustment
  • Clouds meshes included

  • 5 Stars cubemaps at 2K resolution
  • 3 Layers of stars
  • Stars size, intensity and twinkling adjustment
  • Stars horizon and sun mask

  • 6 Sun and Moon textures at 2K resolution
  • Sun and Moon position controlled user gameobject
  • Size, color and intensity adjustment
  • Moon meshes included

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