PolySwamp is updated!
The third part of my Polygonal project, the misty swamp is ready and updated! This collection's highlights are lots of swamp plants in various states of decay, a rickety dwelling, and some everyday props, including a sweet little rowboat to roam the foggy wetlands. Modeled in Blender, set up the scene in Unity. It was all very fast paced, nearly everything was finished in 35 hours, and an additional few hours creating the best shots to showcase.
I recently uploaded the package Update 1.1 to Asset Store. Fixed some issues with the hut UVs, and added Mobile friendly meshes in OBJ format with a single material slot and a texture atlas.
Hope you like it! Take a look at the finished Poly Swamp on Sketchfab, and it is available in Asset Store too!
Dorottya Hegedüs
3D Artist - Artist