I created this lowpoly style jungle scene in Unity 2018. The modelling took about 20 hours, and assembling the scene a couple hours too. I used the built-in Post process stack and realtime lighting setup for rendering this demo scene. For the light beams, I tried to use Aura's volumetric lights, but constantly got an error message and crash while tried to load the package I couldn't resolve, so with a heavy sigh I had to cheat and did fake static light beams with alpha blending. The other images have no post-process at all, only text was added later.
I only used Material colors (except tribal masks, they have their own little diffuse color texture), so changing the colors of the plants and stuff are very easy.
This pack contains 40+ prefabs, and I submitted it to Asset Store on 17 Sept, so it should be available soon!
I plan to release more biome-themed mini packs in the future, like marshlands, desert (an extension of the currently free Polygon Desert Pack), arctic, temperate forest etc.
Dorottya Hegedüs
3D Artist - Artist