Polygonal Future
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A stark sci-fi setting with sharp angles and over saturated colors.
Log 05: Final


Hello my name is Matthew Daday and I am a 3D artist and motion graphics designer who is very interested in Unity and I have been experimenting with the software in my free time for the past couple of years.


I think my submission is inspired by equal parts Tron and Star Fox. I wanted everything to be big and bright. I also really like all of the sharp angles and stark colors.

Making of:

I started off working directly in Unity with primitive shapes then added some basic materials and simple lighting. Once I got something I was happy with I replaced all of the primitives with models created in Maya. After positioning enough models to create a city block I worked with Cinemachine to create the camera animation for a couple of different shots. I also extensively used the post production stack and the volumetric lighting package. I don't think I was completely successful with what I wanted to achieve with the lighting, but the post processing stack really helped get me close.

Log 04:
I have spent quite a bit of time on lighting and materials. It isn't 100% looking the way I want but it has been difficult (and time consuming) to get it this far so I am moving on for now. I have also updated all of the ship animations and the Cinemachine camera animation.
Log 03:
A minor update to the lighting and effects. I was having some issues getting lighting results that I was happy with. After doing some experimenting, I realized my scene scale was really out of whack. So adjusted my scaling to the scene and then adjusted some light values and started adding light probes. I think I am finally getting somewhere but I still have a lot to learn about lighting and baking lights in Unity.
Log 02:
I developed the city block more. I began replacing the Unity primitives with more detailed models created in Maya.
I created some temporary animation for the vehicles and began to experiment with Cinemachine. I found it pretty challenging to get Cinemachine to do what I wanted. Below is a quick render of where it is at, but it needs more work.
Log 01:
I started out with some simple Unity primitives to get an overall composition I liked along with the start of a color palette. I knew I wanted these bright white glowing areas mixed with some saturated neon pink and blue colors. I am struggling to get exactly what I want. I am finding that when you use the post processing stack, fog, and volumetric lights all in the same scene things can be tough to control.
I designed these ships for another game project I was working on a few months ago. I think they are working really well with the city design and colors.
Matthew Daday
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Cyber Rider Turbo
Very cool Neon City!