Poly Arctic art package
I created this small package in October 2018. The work was very similar to Poly Jungle, only about a few day's worth work including scene building and creating promo images. I really enjoyed the reference collection phase, I encountered many interesting photos and stories of people living in the Arctic. To achieve a nice cartoon look, I looked at kid'scartoons and clipart images and studied their characteristics. I sketched the meshes and material color setup in Blender, then moved on quickly to Unity and imported everything. While building the scene, first I tried to build an Eskimo village with the snow domes, but then I found that pushing the huts to the background and highlight the triangular leather tent would be a better focal point, and the scene will look less boring - if you do a quick search for arctic village, I'm 100% sure that snow dome huts will come up and less likely leather tents. After I made the line-up scenes too and created the promo images, I uploaded the package to the Asset Store. It was a twist that I uploaded the whole scene to Sketchfab too! Sadly it still has limitations on complex PBR scenes, but not this one - it is lightweight with all the materials have a color input only. I hope you will like this package as much as I do! I am very curious on your opinion and feedback.
Dorottya Hegedüs
3D Artist - Artist