Pollo: Bloodlines
Published a year ago
In development
Take control of your bloodline, Write your families history, and survive as one in the harsh lands of Pollo.
Breaking away from traditional European fantasy, this game aims to take players on a tribal journey through the mountainous region of Pollo; while having the never ending experience of gaining and loosing characters to natural orders of life. This game is in deep prototyping, I am alone, and this "Concept" is what inspires me to create what i do. For Example, Environment Master exists only because of the Environment System i am making for this game. So Far, we are looking at a SoloPlayer, Survival RPG. I have successfully created the framework for the bloodline system, which takes in a character and their achievments earned, to create your offsprings, and future characters for play! The aim of this system is to be able to create progressive storylines throughout generations of characters. Aside from the bloodline our player makes, all human NPCS are a part of their own bloodline, and your families relationship determines how they react to your presence. I have also successfully created the environment system to drive this game. What i mean by this is the player is going to react to temperature mainly. Clothing will have the natural purpose of providing warmth which could prevent death while scaling freezing cliffs. I have been slowly tacking onto this games session manager. Things like save/load, spawn system, scene instancing. As-well as designing the overall layout of the game world. (Overworld setup has been in focus last few weeks)
I can tell you this much, alone, this will take 10+ years. I have already done one of them just for the environment system... but if i have to scratch this out piece by piece, I will! Feel free to contribute any thoughts or similar ideas.
Wesley Godbout
IVSMultimedia - Owner
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