Polaris V2 - Next-gen Stylized Terrain Engine


Polaris V2 is a user friendly terrain engine dedicated to help you create gorgeous, large scale stylized landscapes, that can run well on both Mobile and Desktop applications, save you a lot of time and effort!
Polaris V2 is the first stylized terrain terrain engine to use GPU technologies for generation, which enable multi-terrains editing and real-time live preview.
Polaris V2 let you work with traditional sculpting method or the modern procedural workflow, or somewhere in between.


- Super easy to learn: No more guessing works thank to Live Preview, in depth document, or even ask and answer right in the editor in less than a second!
- GPU Accelerated: perform heavy tasks on GPU side which consume less memory and provide smoother experience, enable multi-terrains editing and real-time live preview!
- Modern & easy to use toolbox: familiar terrain tools you can easily find in other engines like Painters (more than 12 types of them!), Spline (road, ramp, river, etc.), Stampers (procedural sculpting, texturing & spawning), Billboard editor (create billboard assets), and some unique tool like Group tool & Backup tool. More coming!
- Advanced geometry generation: Speed up your scene with dynamic mesh wireframing, multiple levels of detail (up to 4 levels), Unity Navigation System compatible; more interesting geometry with cross-tiles matching, XZ plane displacement and terrain holes.
- Massive foliage rendering: Dense forest rendered within a blink of the eyes, with no Game Object overhead, support for GPU Instancing, billboard rendering & grass wind animation.
- Various shading styles: From Lambert, Blinn Phong to Physical Based; from Gradient Lookup, Color map to Splats; whatever!
- Support for LWRP: easy to upgrade to LWRP with shaders already provided. HDRP coming soon!
- Easy to migrate from other tools: Achieve beautiful worlds from existing ones created using Gaia, Map Magic, Terrain Composer, etc. in a few clicks away. Support for various data types, from Unity built-in terrain, RAW files, to other kind of textures, etc.
Polaris V1 and Polaris V2 are different systems serve for different purposes and scales. Data from V1 can be imported to V2.
This package requires Unity 2018.1 or above.
Support for LWRP requires Unity 2019.1 or above.


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