POISE Analysis (Valorant)
Published 16 days ago


Every game evokes different behaviors and emotions. Some spark adventure and others spark strategy. Recently a friend of mine started to get into a game named Valorant. Valorant is a free multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. He invited me to play with him and I was excited because Valorant has been compared to many of the games I love such as CS:GO and Overwatch.


I had a lot of fun playing Valorant with my friend. Valorant manages to perfectly capture my desire for success. Their maps and characters are visually stunning, and each characters’ abilities allow for tons of different strategies. When my friend played Valorant I could tell he loved the game. He was constantly laughing and even when we lost he was always excited for the next game. We both love this game and love playing together even though we don’t always win.


Valorant is a very team-based game. With each map having multiple objectives it forces the responsibility of making callouts and working with your teammates. If your team is toxic or doesn’t communicate it can make it significantly harder to win games. Valorant also requires game sense. Game sense is something that you gain from playing a game over and over. It allows you to predict movements and position yourself in the most beneficial locations. Aiming in the game is one of their best features. They offer both CS:GO hip fire shooting and the aim down sights of most other games. This makes it easier to learn the game as you don’t have to relearn how to aim.


Valorant much like other first-person shooters requires both strategy and dexterity. My friend and I played a few games together and that is when I realized how bad I am at both. During my time playing, I felt bad for my teammates who unlike me were able to get kills. I often tried to cheer on my teammates to make up for my failure. My friend however was carrying me through it all. Unlike me, he has a lot of experience playing Valorant so he knew what to look for and what to use for every fight. Watching him I could tell how much this game meant to him and how he appreciated me giving it a try.


After a few games, my friend and I got into a sort of pattern. He would push out and get entry kills on-site while I would use my utility to close off and angles the enemies might have. This was a perfect strategy for me as I felt my aim was below average but my game sense from CS:GO translated over. We were able to win almost every game and we only encountered a few toxic teammates.


Valorant is a game that I think everyone can enjoy. You may not be the best at aiming or know all the callouts but the wide variety of playable characters allows for everyone to find a role that suits them. Overall I think that Valorant is going to be a game that I love and I have a lot of hope for its future.
Brennan Crowder
Aspiring Programmer - Student