GamePad Navigation UI Tools
MUST HAVE for Console Developers (and other pointer less platforms). This package allows you to : - create keyboard/joystick navigable scroll views - create enterable sub-selections of Selectable Objects - associate keyboard keys and joystick buttons with Selectable Objects - generate custom Animator Controllers for Scroll Views - add Unity Actions to Scroll Views and Selectors events Main Features Navigable Scroll View Turns a Scroll View into a Selectable Object. Navigation is rerouted to Selectables (or custom non selectable elements). Implements Unity Events, C# Events and Custom Animator Triggers. Selection Scroll View Turns a Scroll View into a Non Selectable Object that receives navigation events from its content. Allows Random selection to be made in the content. Implements Unity Events, C# Events and Custom Animator Triggers. Sub Selector Turns off all selectables but its content when entered, and vice versa. Plays well with Selection Scroll View. Selectable Keycode Associate any Selectable (Buttons, Toggle, etc) with a keyboard key or game controller button. Fully Documented Source Implements full context documentation, tooltips and comments. Samples Provided Includes samples with code based initialisation. Programmers and Artists friendly Unity Events and Animator Triggers allow artists to fully customise all events, while C# Events allow programmers to subscribe to all events. Mouse Pointer/Scroll and Touch Device Compatible Although the components are tailored to work with keyboards and game controllers, they are compatible with click and touch.
akki panwar
3 months ago
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Christopher Pope
3 years ago
Team Lead Field Engineering
Looks good @Fred Moreau