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Linux; Mac; Windows
A turn-based pixelated strategy board game
PLΛNKTON SYNΛPSE is a turn-based strategy board game developed by Arthur Vasović & Arthur Wallendorff, as a warm-up project for a more complex game, still in development, it will be completely free to download and play.
The lore setup is in between the micro-world of cells, with apoptosis, cloning, transformation and the planktonic world.
A total of 9 cells are playable, each cell has at least a unique move and several passive abilities, but can also perform apoptosis at any time instead of making a regular move, thus passing its turn in exchange for its sacrifice. Each cell (except the Zoorb) can also be in two different states: normal state and powerful state. When in powerful state, the move capabilities or effect of a cell changes.
Except for the Picophyte and Picozoa that must be created by transforming two Neatoms together, every cell starts on the board at the beginning of a game (although they can be created with four Neatoms, as well).
Here is a list of the cells and their moves: - Neatom: Cannot move, but can duplicate and thus create new Neatoms; and then, sacrificing itself and other close Neatoms, can give birth to a new cell of any other type - Picophyte: When moving, repulses all adjacent cells; passively blocks the movements of nearby cells - Tetraphyte: Fills four whole squares by itself, and can absorb several opponent cells in a single move - Pentaphyte: Can exchange its position with any other allied cell on the board - Phytorb:Moves in strange patterns, and passively reverts the state of other cells, both allies and enemies - Picozoa: When moving, attracts all nearby cells; venomous, transforms into a mere Neatom any cell that destroys it - Tetrazoa: Cannot eat other cells, but is completely immune to damage, except from other Tetrazoas in a powerful state - Pentazoa: Can move at long range, jump over obstacle and eat them by doing so - Zoorb: If none remains on the board, you lose the game, and when dying, permanently reverts the power state of all ally cells; you start with two different Zoorbs and can create more, so you can afford to lose one; can create Neatoms and jump over them
Arthur 'Zyriab' Wallendorff
Digital Wizard - Programmer
Game Languages
English; French
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows