Published 9 days ago
Among Us
When playing, this game provoked panic and suspicion for all the players. In the role of crewmember, I felt fear of getting caught by the imposter, stress from having to complete tasks as quickly as possible, and paranoid about my fellow crewmates since I wanted to monitor their behavior but not throw out a fellow crewmate. My friend who was also playing as imposter described her feeling as panicked and stressed to be able to lie correctly during discussions and not appear suspicious. I noted feeling very stress since it was my first time playing the game, while my friend was less stressed since she had some experience before. I was moving erratically since I was not as familiar with the map and where to go for the different tasks but had an easier time in discussion since only had to tell the truth during discussion. My friend knew that map and remembered where tasks were so she could blend in better but still had difficulties convincing people and making up valid stories to where she was.
The game, Among Us is a mafia style game where you are trying to complete tasks to restart the spaceship your crew is on, before the imposter kills most crewmembers. You win if you discover the imposter and vote them out or complete all the tasks before the imposter kills enough people. When you feel suspicious about a crewmember, you can call a meeting or when you see a dead body. You want to bring up evidence and question people to find the true imposter but not vote out your human crew and bring your crew closer to losing. If you are killed, you are not allowed to discuss or reveal the killer, but you can continue your tasks to increase the chance of the team winning by completing tasks before too many people are killed.
The issues that came with the gameplay was difficulties with the mobile version in terms of being able to communicate fast enough during discussion time. The rest of the issues were mostly due to my own inexperience with the controls since I would waste time trying to open tasks that I was not close enough to start, must keep consulting the map, or running into walls. The strategies that I used that helped me some during rounds was to stick with a member who I knew was good from previous evidence and try to stick together to evaluate other members’ innocence.
I found this game particularly interesting since there is a lot of importance in paying attention and anyone can be a suspect. I really enjoyed the stakes of the it but also having a team that you can try to work with. The concept is really interesting and calls back to the in-person games that I would play with my friends but adapting it to a mobile version and taking advantage of the video game platform by immersing players. I feel genuine panic and fear when playing because with animations and having an environment of running from people in a spaceship. The game calls not only on your skills but your ability for persuasion in discussion and understanding your fellow players.
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