Published 10 days ago
Emotions and Dynamics
This article is about my behaviour of playing video games. Before I started to play and to concentrate how my dynamics and emotions are, I wrote down what I thought what kind of player I am. I would say, that my play behaviour is that I am a quiet gamer because I try to focus on the game to be as best as possible. But there is a big different, if I am playing alone or play with or against a friend. Because then I am loud and start doing trash talk.
For this game analysis I played FIFA with a friend from my University. First, I played an online game against a random person, then against my friend and last, I watched my friend playing online against a random person. I realized that I am very focused, and I am always leaning a little bit forward in my chair. I would call it my “gaming position” but other than expected, I am not very quiet while playing. I speak a lot to myself or just random into the screen. Especially, if I am excited or celebrate, sometimes I am yelling loud through the room, while I am standing up. Also, I realize that I am using swear words too often. I need to get better in that point. The last thing I observed that I mute the in-game sound if possible, to listen to my own music or podcast. I want to decide what I am listen to and that always depends in what mood I am. Another reason is, that I do not like the in-game music of most games.
When I play against friends who are in the same room as I am, the game dynamics und my behaviour change a lot. It is much more important to win the game and if so, I celebrate more extensive as I do in online games. I do it because I like to enjoy the win and to annoy my friend. A bad habit. In addition to the high pressure to win against your friend, the trash talk of both sides is very high. Basically, every situation gets a comment, often to irritate the other player.
In general, I have observed that I do not like to lose, and it can affect my general mood after I stopped playing. I always try to stop after I won the last game.
Single-Player (Friend)
In the end I watched my friend play, and I would call him a very angry player. At first, he is sitting in the “gaming position” like I did too, but he gets very angry very fast and is always complaining about the game. For example, the mechanics is very bad, he is always unlucky, and all referee’s decisions are against his team. In contrast to me, he does not want to listen to other music. He wants the whole game experience and wants the in-game sound and in-game commentators. Without he cannot show his best performance.
All in all, I would say that gamer attitudes described are very average in the gamer branche.
Malte Propp
Rising game designer of the midwest - Student